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Battleship IllinoisEncampment of West Point Cadets - Government Plaza

Welcome to Recollect Demo

Welcome to our demo site. This is where you can try out some of the features of Recollect. We have a selection of example materials to showcase the functionality available with Recollect. We've also created up some entries for related People, Places, Events, Organisations and Collections so you can get an idea of how items in Recollect can be linked together to provide further discovery pathways. These item links can also be used to give additional context to your collections.

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Whaleback at Exposition PierWorld's Columbian Exposition: Administration Building, Chicago, United States, 1893A German Gateway in Wrought Iron - Transportation BuildingCoal Production in North China - Sketch Showing General ConditionPanama Pacific International Exposition postcard 1915Beautiful Jim Key promotional entrancewayFrench Court, Great Hall, Exhibition Building, 1880-1881The ColonnadeCoal & Iron Deposits in North ChinaThe Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, 1880Eiffel Tower illuminated at Paris Exposition, 1900Palace of Mechanic ArtsNatural History of British Insects Vol. 31842-03-26 Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle 1842-07-30 Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle Administration BuildingHarrison, Hon. Carter H. of Ill.Official Catalogue of Exhibits (Melbourne International Exhibition 1880)World's Columbian Exposition Souvenir MapRangitata River to Temuka River, Geraldine, & ArowhenuaWorld's Columbian Exposition: Electricity Building, Chicago, United States, 1893Fountain Coutan and the Central Dome 18891842-04-23 Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle On the Beach - East of Manufactures BuildingPavilion of Nicaragua and base of the Eiffel Tower 1889Agricultural Map - China and Eastern SiberiaFranciscus-Josephus I. Pax, labor, progressus / [...] Fuhr.清郎世寧畫花底仙尨Image 3 - France Exhibits Album (Great Exhibition of 1851)Natural History of British Insects Vol. 2The Midway, From Ferris Wheel, Looking EastErecting the Ferris wheel at the St. Louis fairGovernment Building - FranceThe Crystal Palace清德宗光绪皇帝朝服像/Portrait of GuangxuThe Illinois BuildingDeborah Bay SubdivisionNorthern Facade of Liberal Arts BuildingThe Ceylon Building1842-06-18 Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle The Viking ShipFirst Train in State of New York 1831Government Building VenezuelaAustrian Exhibit - Manufactures Building1842-12-31 Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle The Columbian FountainView from Electricity Building - Looking SoutheastCatlins River Subdivision清宣宗道光皇帝朝服像/Portrait of DaoguangExposition Universelle De Paris 1889

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Recollect Static Pages

Recollect also has functionality to create additional custom static pages within the site. These pages might be used to highlight special themes or focuses within your collection. For example, a page for teachers or students to showcase items that fit with the history curriculum. Others have used them to create specialised guide pages for specific persona groups.

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